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The Ripple Collective

Facilitation and coaching to navigate conflict and build whole and inclusive communities.

A drop of water in a calm pond, creating gentle ripples

Making Ripples

“Transform yourself to transform the world.”

 Grace Lee Boggs

Beloved Detroit-based Chinese American activist and revolutionary 

Like Grace Lee Boggs, we believe that change must begin within. Like ripples in a pond, our internal transformation ripples outward, impacting our interpersonal relationships, our communities, and ultimately making sustainable positive social change possible. 


Services & Offerings

Circle of people engaged in community dialogue

Inclusive Spaces & Organizations

Center equity, racial justice, and inclusion while creating whole and inclusive communities and organizations

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Conflict Transformation

Build your capacity to effectively and generatively navigate inter-personal or organizational conflicts


We are a BIPOC womxn-led collective of consultants, facilitators, trainers, and social change leaders.

Circle of students in a school classroom

Restorative Justice

Bring restorative justice principles and practices to your organization or school 

Flyer for POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

A learning lab for practitioners of color to center equity in our work


"During challenging times like this, there is a great risk that community institutions that we rely upon will break down and people can become disconnected from each other. The virtual circle that you facilitated for us helped to renew and sustain our community, helping us to strengthen our collective resiliency as a school family."

Dr. Eric Peterson
Principal, West County Mandarin School

"You deliver quality results and build meaningful and productive relationships. You listen with an open heart and are not afraid to tackle tough conversations with grace and empathy. Your clear sense of passion, integrity, and creativity make you a powerful partner and I have truly have enjoyed working with you over the years."

Carol McHuron

President, Pacific Resources Education Programs

“Ripple has been a phenomenal partner. They bring deep experience in conflict and equity transformation, and in my work with them have successfully designed and led highly complex organizational interventions and strategies. They have exceptionally strong interpersonal skills and are able to build relationships and trust with varied stakeholders. They can handle any and all kinds of conflict and engage with conflicting parties with compassion, care and clarity. They understand the multitude of ways oppression and racism manifest and are able to provide meaningful supports to those who are impacted, while intervening with those who are causing harm.”

Lucy Mayo
Deputy Executive Director, Sierra Club


El Sobrante, California 94803

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