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POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

A learning lab for centering equity in our work


We held a successful first cohort of Learning Lab participants in 2021. Out of this experience, Learning Lab co-facilitators Elli Nagai-Rothe and Sheherazade Jafari co-authored a chapter to share collective insights in a forthcoming book, "Colorizing Circle Practices: Naming the Silences", by Living Justice Press

Stay tuned for information about our next Learning Lab offering! 




This learning lab connects conflict transformation practitioners of color to share

experiences, de-center White normative conflict transformation processes,

and try out new approaches that center equity and social justice. Participants

will develop a shared understanding of White norms within the field as a form

of structural racism, co-create and develop new practices and strategies,

test them in their work, and then return to the lab to share insights and learnings. 


The learning lab is an opportunity to try out new ideas, approaches, and

receive input from peers in a supportive space. 


This space is for you if:

  • You identify as a conflict transformation practitioner of color (such as a mediator, restorative justice practitioner, conflict coach, dialogue facilitator, community organizer, consultant, educator)

  • Are looking for tangible anti-oppressive, equity-centered practices in your conflict transformation work 

  • Want to be part of a supportive community of practice with other practitioners to share experiences and insights, co-learn, and try out new approaches

  • Are currently working in conflict transformation and are positioned to test/try out new approaches in your work (working within organizations or in community)



  • 9 week program (five 1.5 hour live group sessions via Zoom + assignments in between live sessions) 

  • Shared online resource access (articles, case studies)

  • Closed community platform for peer support and accountability (Facebook group)

  • Participant group capped at 15-20 practitioners 

  • Supportive community space to co-learn, practice, and grow


Co-facilitated by Elli Nagai-Rothe and Sheherazade Jafari. 

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