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Program Offerings

Computer Learning

POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

A learning lab for centering equity in our work


This learning lab connects conflict transformation practitioners of color to share experiences, de-center White normative conflict transformation processes, and try out new approaches that center equity and social justice. Participants will develop a shared understanding of White norms within the field as a form of structural racism, co-create and develop new practices and strategies, test them in their work, and then return to the lab to share insights and learnings. 


The learning lab is an opportunity to try out new ideas, approaches, and receive input from peers in a supportive space. 


Radical Roots

A supportive space for womxn of color organizational social change leaders to grow, heal, and step into our most authentic and powerful selves. This space centers and affirms our inner wisdom while also activating our collective wisdom, building on our strengths within a circle of peers. When fierce and committed womxn of color come together, we are unstoppable. 

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