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Program Offerings

Forest Trees

AAPI Restorative Justice Network

Are you a restorative justice practitioner, healer, conflict worker, circle-keeper, or facilitator? Do you have cultural heritage or ancestry from the Asia Pacific region?

Are you interested in connecting and building community with other practitioners?  


You are invited to join a community of Bay Area AAPI folks who practice restorative justice with the intention of drawing connections between our identities, cultural knowledge, and the work of transforming conflict and harm.


We hope to: 

  • Explore traditions of justice and peacebuilding from our ancestral homelands.

  • Bridge what we have learned in our families and ethnic communities with the field of restorative justice, elevating our unique perspectives. 

  • Skill up people who work in AAPI communities to implement healing-based modalities for addressing harm. 

  • Create a network of practitioners available for peer support and case referrals.

Computer Learning

POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

A learning lab for centering equity in our work


This learning lab connects conflict transformation practitioners of color to share experiences, de-center White normative conflict transformation processes, and try out new approaches that center equity and social justice. Participants will develop a shared understanding of White norms within the field as a form of structural racism, co-create and develop new practices and strategies, test them in their work, and then return to the lab to share insights and learnings. 


The learning lab is an opportunity to try out new ideas, approaches, and receive input from peers in a supportive space. 

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