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Our Team

Elli Nagai-Rothe smiling in the park, wearing a green dress

Elli Nagai-Rothe


Founder, Consultant & Facilitator

I am a community-builder, a holder-of-intentional space, a racial equity advocate, a dialogue facilitator with deeply rooted social justice values and a mama to a 7 year-old. I love authentic heart-connected conversations, especially over a cup of tea.

I have over 18+ years of non-profit leadership and facilitation experience, specializing in inclusive and collaborative group processes, restorative justice, inter-group dialogue and Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. I delight in creating inclusive spaces where people are able to bring their full and whole selves forward. As a conflict transformation practitioner I bring an equity and racial justice lens to my work, supporting individuals and organizations to move through conflict in healthy and generative ways, creating space for more effective and meaningful conversations and engaging in the self-reflective work required to transform ourselves and the world around us in service to our collective healing and liberation. I have an MA degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University. I am also a certified mediator through the Social Justice Mediation Institute and SEEDS Community Resolution Center. 

Among other professional contexts, I have served as the principal of a rural start-up school in southern India, the Managing Director of a social justice arts nonprofit in Washington DC, a Fulbright researcher on institutional racism with the New Zealand Human Rights Commission, and the Director of a school-based Restorative Justice program in California.

I love community potlucks, outdoor adventures, and live with my partner and energetic trampoline-jumping kiddo in a multi-generational family village in the San Francisco Bay Area (unceded Lisjan Ohlone land). 

Nina smiling, sitting in front of a large tree, wearing a floral patterned shirt

Nina Everflow

Consultant & Facilitator

For over nearly twelve years, I have played in the spaces between instructional design, innovative technology and human-centric learning for professionals around the world. A writer, speaker, and published author, I have spent the last few years curating the best from learning specialists around the globe, examining the platforms, processes and practices that create valuable online experiences.

I've worked with various agencies across the United Nations system, U.S. government, Fortune 200 companies, and in the legal and academic fields. I have led teams of designers and developers to produce innovative digital learning tools and orchestrated engaging virtual events for hundreds of participants.

Inspired by MLK's vision of a beloved community, my peace practice is central to how I show up in the world. I live in suburban Virginia within a large multi-generational and muti-cultural blended family, am a real-life geek (Wakanda forever) and feel most alive singing along to musical theater soundtracks with my two boys.

Sheherazade Jafari smiling, wearing a dark green shirt with a beaded Iranian necklace

Sheherazade Jafari

Consultant & Facilitator

I am deeply passionate about building inclusive and equitable processes and communities in which everyone knows they belong. 

I am a peacebuilding and conflict resolution practitioner and scholar, and my work has focused on gender inclusivity and women’s rights advocacy, the role of religious actors and communities, and cultivating an anti-racist and decolonizing approach within the conflict resolution field.  I work at the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University, where I teach and serve as Director of the Point of View International Retreat and Research Center as well as the school’s co-Diversity Advisor and co-Chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. 

My previous experiences include working in the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia with civil society organizations, overseeing an interfaith youth peace initiative with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the U.S. Institute of Peace, and running a program for religious peacemakers from armed conflict zones around the world. I am proud to serve on the boards of One Common Unity, the Peace and Justice Studies Association, and

My highest joy is being with my three-year old, who is my greatest teacher, and re-discovering the world through his endless curiosity!

Tomi Nagai-Rothe smiling, at the park on a fall afternoon. Wearing a maroon jacket with buttons

Tomi Nagai-Rothe


To me, peace means fostering deep connections and I strive to model and practice this every day. In my professional life I co-create and facilitate meetings, using visuals to capture and communicate the heart of conversations. I use a holistic organization development (OD) frame when facilitating groups or coaching leaders.


In the past I worked as director of a public affairs fellowship for a leadership development non-profit. I was also a senior consultant, trainer and workshop director for an internationally-recognized OD consulting firm known for facilitating with live-capture and designed graphics to help groups envision the future. In the past 25 years I have taught 700 people to be visual facilitators −a skill that involves facilitation as well as deep listening to capture a group’s big picture.


I am a mother, grandmother, Quaker, social justice activist in my city, a blogger and − I hope − a good friend to my friends. I live in a multi-generational household with my daughter’s family in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are busy developing a majority People of Color cohousing community in Northern California.


I love sharing vegan food, being with my grandkids, watching a great tv series online and going on outdoor adventures with my family and our dog.

Adrienne Skye Roberts, sitting near a fern, wearing a black shirt and hoop earrings

Adrienne Skye Roberts

Consultant & Facilitator

Adrienne Skye Roberts is a facilitator, restorative justice practitioner, and mental health counselor with experience in community-led efforts for justice and healing.


For the past ten years, Adrienne has volunteered as a legal advocate and grassroots organizer for the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP), where she supports freedom campaigns for incarcerated survivors of abuse and supports a statewide campaign to end Life Without Parole. Adrienne previously worked in public schools throughout the Bay Area to implement trauma-informed restorative practices that center an analysis of power and oppression. She facilitates community accountability processes after incidents of harm occur within queer communities.


She is the granddaughter of Jewish immigrants and political prisoners criminalized and imprisoned during the McCarthy Era. She sees her work in restorative justice as both a continuation of her grandparents' legacies of justice and liberation, and a reckoning with the intergenerational trauma of white supremacy, political repression, and silence. Adrienne has a Master's Degree in Community Mental Health Counseling from Sonoma State University and is currently pursuing her MFT license. 

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