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Community circle, participants engaged in dialogue

Inclusive and Equitable Spaces & Organizations

We support groups to center equity, racial justice, and inclusion in their work and to create whole and inclusive communities and organizations. As JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) practitioners, we provide:

  • Training

  • Leadership development

  • Thought partnership 

  • Coaching

  • Assessment

We empower individuals and organizations to create organizational transformation that creates sustainable changes to support social justice.

Circle of students in a school classroom



  • Restorative Circles

    • Community building ​

    • Shared values

    • Community/group agreements

    • Accountability  

  • Restorative Conversations​

    • Restorative communication ​(reflective listening, empathy)

  • Restorative Conferencing ​


Learn more about Restorative Justice. ​​​

Restorative Justice in Schools and Organizations

Build a restorative culture within your school or organization. We will support you to implement restorative justice principles and practices, including:

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Conflict Transformation

Build your capacity to effectively navigate conflicts. We support individuals and organizations to move through conflict in healthy and generative ways, creating space for effective and meaningful conversations, and engaging in the self-reflective work required to transform ourselves and the world around us in service to our collective healing and liberation.


  • Inter-personal conflict transformation (mediation, facilitated conversations) 

  • Transforming challenging group dynamics and conflict within an organization 

  • Conflict coaching

Participants on a virtual community circle via Zoom

Virtual Community Circles

Are you looking for meaningful ways to bring together your community in these uncertain times? Virtual community circles bring together members of a group to connect, share hopes and concerns, support one another, and strengthen the community. These circles focus on social-emotional wellbeing and resilience. Virtual circles are grounded in the belief that community is vital to our collective resilience and wellness.

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