POC Conflict Transformation Learning Lab

A learning lab for centering equity in our work

Pricing & Application 

Using a sliding scale model allows space to recognize the multiple realities of

economic access and privilege. We invite you to consider your current access

to resources, experience with class privilege, creative ways to finance your

registration (including having your organization pay for all or part of the costs),

and how paying at the higher end of the scale supports others to participate.

We include some suggested guidance when considering at which level of the

sliding scale spectrum to pay.


$560 - Paying at this level supports folx at the other end of the sliding

scale. Consider paying at this level if you:

  • Own the home you live in and have investments, retirement
    accounts, or inherited money

  • Travel for recreation

  • Work part time or are unemployed by choice, including unemployment due to full-time school in a degree earning program

  • Have a high degree of earning power due to education or class background


$360 - This is the actual cost of the program (including our time as facilitators). Consider paying at this level if you:

  • Are single and/or without dependents

  • Have employer health insurance/benefits

  • Are able to miss work either for sickness or leisure time and are still able to pay next month’s bills

  • Travel when needed/wanted

$160 - Consider paying at this level if you:

  • Support children and/or other dependents

  • Have significant debt

  • Have medical expenses not covered by an employer

  • Can’t afford a vacation or have the ability to take time off without financial burden 


We want to make this offering as accessible as possible to folks who feel called to join us. If none of the sliding scale options work for you, please get in touch with us: elli@ripplecollective.org


Click here  or the button below to submit an application to participate. Applications and payment are due by February 10, 2021. We encourage you to apply early. 




Please refer to the sliding scale pricing above and submit payment vis PayPal once you complete the application form.



*Sliding scale wording inspired by Embracing Equity https://embracingequity.org/blog/2018/11/29/embracing-an-equitable-sliding-scale

©2020 by Elli Nagai-Rothe